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Hand whittled seed dibber made from wood foraged from the local area, including hazel and beech coppice.


Each dibber is whittled by hand and finished using our own beeswax polish. The natural patterns and imperfections of the wood will vary from one to another which is all part of their charm. Similarly they will vary in size: if you require a particular girth do get in touch and we may be able to accommodate.


It can be used for seed sewing or for transplanting seedlings and plugs when potting on.


The depth at which the seed is buried should be determined by its size. Seeds should be covered with their own layer of soil as a general rule. Quarter inch and inch marks made using traditional pyrography help gauge the depth of the hole.


    A staple in any gardener’s toolbox to make holes for seeds and seedlings ensuring they're sufficiently buried in the soil without damaging their delicate structure.

    The width of a dibber will vary and thinner dibbers are best suited to sowing seeds and cuttings, while planting small bulbs may require a thicker tool.

  • CARE

    Give the dibber a quick brush down after use and generously apply wood oil or some of our beeswax polish when appropriate or once a month to keep the wood nourished. Wipe off excess after one hour.

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