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A tuffet seat pad hand woven from our own unprocessed raw fleece. Using the wool from our flock of Zwartbles, Herdwicks and Shetlands each tuffet is absolutely unique.


Due to the highly insulating quality of the wool we use our tuffets are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.


MADE TO ORDER: Please note these items are hand made to order and therefore the lead time is slightly longer. Please do contact me if you require the item for a particular date!


DISCLAIMER: Photograph shows more than one type of wool which may or may not be included in the mixed bag depending on what is available at the time. The hanging stick rod shown is for display purposes only.


    All of our seat pads are generally between 4cm to 6cm thick.

    Small - approximately 40cm x 40cm

    Medium - approximately 40cm x 80 cm

    Large - approximately 40cm x 120 cm


    This product is made from raw, unprocessed and untreated fleece. It is full of its natural lanolin and the wonderful sheepy scent that accompanies that! 

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